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We are professional hangout sofa manufacturer in China. With rich production experience, we have produced our hangout sofa for many distributors in countires all around the world.

We welcome any quantity order and any custom design. We devote to showing our clients his/her dream product.

Our hangout sofa is made of top quality ripstop nylon, which is durable wind-inflated lounge sofa that you can take with you just about anywhere. It's very light weight and easy to inflate, no matter kids, adults or the elderly, could easily handle and carry.

One of our Australian client gave us the idea in 2015, then we started developing the hangout sofa. After trying thounsands of times, we finally made one comfortable hangout sofa that can last for over 10 hours without deflating. You can used it in anywhere like the park, the beach, the moutain... The material is strong enough to place it directly on the floor. After the successful developement, we begined to put this idea into mess production. We soon got clients from US and Europe. They first asked for a sample from us, and quickly they accepted our product. So they placed bulk order, nomiating us as their OEM manufacturer.

So far, we have very rich experience in producing the hangout sofa, and we wish to spread this very great item all over the world. We hope everyone could enjoy the happiness and convenience that a hangout sofa brings.

No more hesitate, contact us to get one now!