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Everybody needs one hangout sofa in life

Everybody needs one— “Layair” Hangout Sofa! Amazing instant hangout sofa folds up into a small bag and inflates with a single movement! Company wanted to make an airbed that is as easy to inflate as to deflate Airbed is unravelled from a small bag and pulled through the air by user It fills up like […]

The Instruction of Layair

                                                                            layair 说明书 Instruction 1. it’s better to operate it outdoors. Take the Layair out of the carrying bag and unfold it.2. A breezy weather will be good to inflatable the Layair. Unfold one opening and put it against the wind to take the air in till it is around 80% filled and close the opening and then do the same to another opening. Then roll up the openings till the rest part is 100% inflated. Finally buckle up the openings and done! If there is no wind, you can fill the air bags with air by trotting.   Notes 1. About air filling Please do not fill air in by turning around while carrying the Layair sofa, because it is long and it might trap you down when you turn around with it quickly.2. About rolling up & buckling up the openings When rolling, please roll it up tightly till it reaches the maximum limit so then the rest part of the hangout sofa can be fully inflated. Please pay attention to the tightness and smoothness when you roll up the openings, it is very important, or the final shape of the inflated hangout sofa is not good and the openings might have the air-leakage. 3.About inner PE air bags The sealing part design of the inner PE air bag is 100% same as the original from overseas. The sealing bands should be rolled inward with the PE materials, normally 2 circles will be good. And it is adjustable. If the PE materials come off the sealing bands because of improper operation, don’t be panic, you can adjust the sealing bands and roll the bands inward with the PE materials.

Camping Hangout Sofa Inflatable Sleeping Airbag

Warm weather is coming and that means spending plenty of time outdoors. Whether you’re doing more camping, lounging around the beach, or simply hanging out at music festivals, you’ll need something to sit and lie on during those times you’re just chilling on the sidelines. And while lounge chairs, hammocks, and similar outdoor gear should […]

Hangout Sofa, the comfortable way to experience your lazy spare time

Hey, guys, please look here! Now we have improved the Hangout Sofa, please allow me to describe it as below: 1. We add high quality elsctic pockets for magazine, phone and bottle, not common fabric pockets. 2. We have bottle opener and fixing hook which can be used for sun umbrella. 3. We improved the […]

Nylon Ripstop Layair Hangout Sofa

Layair Hangout Sofa from Chongqi Inflatables Spending time outdoor can be fan and wearisome, especially if you do not have a convenient place to sit down and relax. However, with the new product in the market which is nylon ripstop hangout sofa, this is about to change. This is a unique new product that is […]

Details of Hangout Sofa Inflatable Sleeping Airbag

Perfect Craft: This Hangout Sofa Inflatable Couch was made by external Imitate Nylon cloth and internal PVC, it can bear 330-440lb, that means 2-3 people sit on it at the same time. Portable Design: The biggest advantage of this inflatable couch sleeping airbag is portable design.It is only 2KG(4.5lb).You can put it in the buggy bag and […]


1. Do you ship worldwide? Yes, we do ship to many other countries worldwide. 2. How much is the wholesale price of the Hangout Sofa? For the wholesale  price about 100 pcs, 200 pcs, 500 pcs, 1000 pcs, 2000 pcs, 5000 pcs, 10000 pcs and 20000 pcs, please contact us and tell us the quantity […]

Wholesale of Hangout Sofa Inflatable Airbag

Hangout Sofa Inflatable Airbag is taking the Internet by storm because it is so easy to inflate and deflate, also easy to carry hangout. Brilliant, right? Now Chongqi Inflatables has a lot of inflatable lounge chairs in stock, welcome to purchase for a trial. Also we accept wholesale. The quantity and price is as follow, […]

This Hangout Sofa Inflatable Couch Is Taking the Internet By Storm

No one likes awkwardly carting lawn chairs to the park or lounge chairs to the beach, but for a while, there hasn’t been a better option. That may be why the Internet is completely freaking out about Hangout Sofa Inflatable Lounge Chair . Chongqi Inflatables company designed this inflatable couch (it’s about 6.5 feet long and 3 […]

Enjoy yourself with hangout sofa sleeping airbag

Enjoy it at home  Simply fill it with air, it if your chair, it is your sofa, it is your bed.   If you don’t need it, just let the air go and fold the bag and put it away, it  would not take your place at all.  As a chair, it is much softer than […]